Educational Support Services

The Educational Support Services Program (ESS) assists students in achieving academic success.

This program uses a team approach with students, parents, and teachers actively working together. The program may involve diagnostic testing, tutoring, student accommodations, and teacher support.

Guided Study

Guided Study is a non-credited class that focuses on study skills, test preparation, and homework monitoring in a group setting. Students must qualify for this class.

Inclusive Education Program

The Inclusive Education Program serves students with cognitive impairments or severe learning disabilities who may benefit from education and training until they are 26 years old. After 4 years at Unity, students earn a Certificate of High School Completion.

Earning this Certificate allows for transition to:

  • Community Based Instruction (CBI)
  • Project Search- Spectrum Health
  • Open a case with Michigan Rehabilitation Services


In tutoring, the ESS staff works with students on an individual or small group basis as needed.